Sport Panel – Terms of Reference

An independent expert panel has been appointed to make recommendations on the specific structures, programs and reform required to ensure the continuing robustness of the Australian sport system.

The panel, in reporting on these terms of reference, will take into account the growing challenges to Australia in the global sporting environment in the post-Beijing environment, note scientific advances and international sporting trends, and make particular recommendations about the best way to retain our international standing.

They will pay particular attention to the most effective manner that sport and physical activity can play a strong role in building a healthier Australia and forming part of the Commonwealth Government’s preventative health agenda. They will also assess the structure and capability of the Australian sports system as a whole, to achieve competitive advantage in delivering nationally desirable sport outcomes from social and community level right through to the highest levels of elite performance. Recommendations will be particularly directed towards the following Terms of Reference:

1. Ensure Australia’s continued elite sporting success

  • Identify any areas of duplication within Australia’s sporting system and recommend ways to build a more efficient system.
  • Examine the relationship between the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport, State and Territory Institutes, academies of sport and regional institutes and how this relationship could deliver better athlete pathways.
  • Recommend opportunities to ensure maximum returns from talent identification programs.

2. Better place sport and physical activity as a key component of the Government’s preventative health approach

  • Examine Government frameworks to ensure an on-going focus on grassroots and community sport and physical activity.
  • Examine Government programs to increase participation rates in sport and physical activity, including analysis of existing programs.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities to break down barriers to participation at junior, adult and senior ages with a view to making it simpler and easier for Australians to participate in the sport or physical activity of their choice, including for women, the disabled and Indigenous people.
  • Recommend strategies to increase the effectiveness of the promotion of sport by the Federal Government to better communicate positive health and activity messages to the broader community.

3. Strengthen pathways from junior sport to grassroots community sport right through to elite and professional sport

  • Examine the capacity of the system to ensure optimal and efficient delivery of the athlete and coach pathway for any given sport.
  • Recommend the most effective support and recognition for the coaches, officials, umpires, administrators and volunteers who keep our community clubs alive.
  • Examine how relationships between the Commonwealth Government and National Sporting Organisations, State Sporting Organisations and Australia’s peak representative bodies at key multi-sports competitions may be strengthened to deliver better performance outcomes.

4. Maintain Australia’s cutting edge approach to sports science, research and technology

  • Examine the capacity of the system to ensure provision of cutting edge technology, innovation, sport science, sports medicine, applied research to underpin sport performance and development, including ways to maintain Australia’s position as leaders in anti-doping.
  • Examine the current partnerships in place within these fields and recommend any potential partnerships.

5.Identify opportunities to increase and diversify the funding base for sport through corporate sponsorship, media and any recommended reforms, such as enhancing the effectiveness of the Australian Sports Foundation.