The Panel consulted extensively in the elite sport arena in late 2008 as part of the top-to-bottom examination of Australian sport.

The Panel held discussions with 52 key sport stakeholders including peak sporting organisations, higher profile national sporting organisations funded by the Australian Sports Commission, state and territory Ministers of Sport and Recreation (and their Departments), institutes and academies of sport, and Commonwealth Government sport agencies, to discuss primarily issues relating to elite sport in Australia and focussing on the Panel’s following Terms of Reference:
1. Ensure Australia’s continued elite sporting success.

4. Maintain Australia’s cutting edge approach to sports science, research and technology.

The Panel received written submissions from each of the 52 key sporting organisations prior to their meetings. Additionally the Panel made a public call for submissions in the national media on 27 September 2008 and accepted 96 submissions through this process.

All accepted submissions (148) are published on this website.

The submissions have been reviewed and are being used by the Panel to inform the development of its report to the Minister for Sport – to be delivered in 2009.
A summary of the Panel’s five Terms of Reference are available on this website.